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Child and Adolescent Health Service



Princess Margaret Hospital

Patients aged 16 and over

New patients aged 15 years and younger are eligible for treatment and admission to PMH Emergency Department. This policy has been in place for many years and will remain when we move to the Perth Children's Hospital.

When a patient aged 16 years or older presents to PMH's Emergency Department the most senior doctor in the department will be notified by triage staff. That doctor will attend triage, discuss the reason for presentation with the patient and parent and make an assessment regarding the appropriateness of direct transfer to an adult hospital. In some cases further assessment within the emergency department might be necessary.

The emergency department assessment process includes determination of the availability of transport and of an accompanying carer. Staff often provide simple pain relief or first aid prior to transfer.

Patients of any age who present to PMH with life threatening conditions are assessed and stabilised prior to transfer to an adult hospital.























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