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Surgical instrument trays information for families

Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) recently identified five surgical instrument trays that contained visible dust. The trays were identified prior to being required for surgery and were immediately removed.  Prior to this event, there have been no reports of any identified instrument trays containing dust. However, as a precautionary measure we have notified families that have had relevant implant surgery within the last 12 months.

We believe that the chance of infection is extremely low. Following the identification of the trays a review of post-operative infection rates and re-admission rates has taken place. This review has been reassuring with no evidence of an increase in patient complications or infection rates.

Were the instruments from these trays used on children?

No, none of the trays identified as containing dust were used in surgery. Before surgery all instrument trays are visually inspected by theatre staff as part of a number of standard preparation procedures.

My child had surgery but we have not received a letter; what should I do?

You don’t need to do anything.  Letters were sent to relevant families on Monday 24 July; if you have not received a letter, your child’s surgery was not part of this.

My child had surgery at PMH and then had an infection after the surgery, is this why?

This is very unlikely. There is always a small risk of infection following any surgery and there are a number of reasons why post-surgery infections can occur.

My child is scheduled for surgery at PMH soon; is it safe?

Yes. There are strict safety protocols before, during and after surgery and these are always adhered to. There is no change to this. You can refer any questions to your PMH clinician at your next outpatient appointment.

Where do I get more information?

Experienced paediatric nursing staff are available to answer any questions via the dedicated patient information line.

Tuesday 25 July – Friday 28 July 9am-10pm
Saturday 29 July – Sunday 30 July 10am-2pm
Monday 31 July – Friday 4 August 2017 9am-5pm



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