COVID positive and coming for an appointment

If you, or your child or a person in your household is in isolation or has COVID-19 and you have been asked to bring your child to a booked appointment with the Child Health Nurse, please follow the instructions below so we can make sure you have direct entry and exit to the East Perth Community Health clinic.

If you are in isolation and you receive a COVID positive result before your booked appointment, please contact the clinic as your appointment time will need to be changed.

The following instructions prioritise the safe care of you and your child, in addition to protecting both other families and staff.

Prior to leaving home, please ensure you are aware of the guidelines about travelling to and from your place of quarantine or isolation.

Only one parent or carer may accompany your child to the appointment. Siblings should not attend the appointment where possible.

The accompanying adult will be asked to wear a surgical mask before entering the clinic, this will be provided if you do not have access to one. Anyone with a mask exemption will need to provide their medical certificate. A face shield can be provided if appropriate.

In line with Public Health directions for urgent medical care, you may travel to the identified clinic by private vehicle, taxi, or rideshare service.

The preferred option is to drive yourself or have someone from your household drive you to and from the clinic.

You must not use public transport such as a bus or train.

If you need to use a taxi or rideshare service:

  • Please let the rideshare or taxi know of your COVID status when booking and inform them you are isolating. This allows the driver to prepare themselves and wear a mask.
  • You must wear a surgical mask for the duration of the trip.
  • You must sit 1.5m away from the driver where able with the windows down (i.e. back seat).
  • If you are unable to maintain distance from the driver, please ensure all windows are down to allow for airflow throughout the vehicle.
  • The taxi/rideshare must park in the designated parking bay discussed below.

Please note when booking ride shares or taxis we do not have an indoor waiting area.

Allocated parking

Whether driving yourself, getting dropped off or using a taxi or rideshare, there is allocated parking for planned appointments with the Child Health Nurse. 

East Perth Child Health Centre

These are marked by orange signs stating “Approved Parking” inside the metal gates at the left side of the clinic entrance.

Once you have parked

  • Please stay inside your vehicle.
  • Call the Child Health Nurse on 0448 172 094 to let them know you have arrived. Staff will then arrange to meet you, provide a surgical mask if you do not have one and let you know what will happen.

Visitor Screening

We are still required to undertake visitor screening.

Read more about what is required under current restrictions.


During your appointment

It is important that you follow the directions provided to you by your nurse.

There is a set process to move you and your child through the clinic.

Staff will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is masks, eye protection, gowns and gloves, when they are caring for your child.

After your appointment

At the end of your appointment, unless advised by your Child health nurse, you are required to go straight home in line with your existing isolation requirements.

Please follow the plan of care provided by your nurse.

Visit Healthy WA for information and advice about caring for a child with COVID-19 at home.

Last Updated: 14/09/2022