Consumer Advisory Council

What is the Consumer Advisory Council (parent and carer)?

The Consumer Advisory Council (parent and carer) is a group that meets monthly,  consisting of parents and carers of children who:

  • Have been patients at Perth Children’s Hospital or Neonates at King Edward Memorial Hospital. 
  • Visited a child health nurse or school nurse. 
  • Accessed our mental health services.
  • Are eligible to access any of the above services.

The main duties of the Council are to:

  • Provide advice to the service from a parent and carer perspective.
  • Give feedback on the information we provide to the public.
  • Provide thoughts on experiences of other consumers (e.g. complaints).  
  • Provide thoughts on how we deliver our services.
 Photo of Margaret Wood  

A word from CAC Chair – Margaret Wood

The Consumer Advisory Council provides a wealth of knowledge as members bring their own experience and passion to the group. CAC has recently increased our involvement throughout CAHS by working across Neonatology, Community Health, Mental Health and PCH. We assist by redesigning services, attend regular Executive meetings, work in collaboration with the Youth Advisory Committee and the Health Consumers Council of WA. It is exciting to witness the increase in demand for meaningful consumer engagement.


Last Updated: 25/06/2020