Neuroscience and Neurology

Who we are

PCH’s Children's Neuroscience Service encompasses neurology, neurosurgery and neurophysiology services. The Children’s Neuroscience Service provides a specialist service for the diagnosis and treatment of children with neurological disorders.

Conditions we manage

Our expert team of neurologists, neurophysiologists, neurosurgeons, neurophysiology technologists and nurses provides investigation, diagnosis and management of a range of neurological conditions.

Services we provide


Our neurologists provide comprehensive outpatient and inpatient services to diagnose, treat and manage infants, children and adolescents with common neurological conditions as well as more complex and rare neurological disorders. Foetal neurology consultations are also provided.


Our paediatric neurosurgeons diagnose, treat and manage central nervous system problems such as brain and spinal tumours, hydrocephalus, congenital abnormalities, trauma to the brain and spinal cord as well as surgical treatment for epilepsy. Our neurosurgeons have expertise in general and endoscopic neurosurgery. We also have WA’s first intraoperative MRI unit, which enables a patient to be scanned during surgery.


Our neurophysiology service provides a comprehensive range of standard and specialised procedures essential to the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and other neurological disorders. We also provide intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.

For EEG referrals, please complete electronic referral form (for private rooms and non eReferral health sites only). Download and save a local copy of the form prior to entering referral information. 

Referrers with access to eReferral must use eReferral to refer.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

Our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) provides prolonged video- electroencephalography (EEG) monitoring for diagnosis, classification and management of epilepsy as part of the Child and Adolescent Epilepsy Program. Targeted therapies include specific anti-epileptic drugs, special diets, vagal nerve stimulation and resective epilepsy surgery.

Clinical research

Our research in the area of epilepsy is focused on mechanisms and treatment, including new drugs as well as non-invasive brain stimulation. Studies are also undertaken for other neurological disorders.


Most medications are available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme at your local pharmacy on prescriptions you should obtain from your GP.

Children who require special prescriptions may need to get their medication from PCH’s pharmacy. Prescriptions for these items will be provided at your outpatient clinic appointments.

Please ensure that we are aware of your current GP so that discharge summaries and outpatient clinic letters are sent to the correct practice.


We accept referrals for children and young people who are 15 years old or under. New referrals for adolescents who are 16 years or older should be referred to adult services.

All Specialist Rooms, GPs and WACHS referrers are being advised to direct all non-urgent referrals for PCH outpatient services to the Central Referral Service

Read PCH's pre-referral guidelines


  • New referrals will be assessed against the eligibility guidelines and prioritised according to medical need.
  • Referrals from Nurse Practitioners, other non-medical referrers and private hospitals (including those with a private-public partnership) are to be directed to PCH Referral Office.
  • All urgent referrals are to be sent to the PCH Referral Office.
  • Urgent referrals must always be discussed with the PCH Consultant / Registrar on call before the referral is sent.
  • The referral needs to include the name of the Consultant/ Registrar the referrer spoke to.
  • Each referral is to be faxed individually.

EEG Referrals

For EEG referrals, please complete electronic referral form (for private rooms and non eReferral health sites only).

Referrers with access to eReferral must use eReferral to refer.

Please note Neurophysiology is not in scope for Central Referral Service and referrals need to be sent directly to

PCH switchboard

6456 2222

PCH Referral Office fax

6456 0097 

PCH Referral Office email


Outpatients: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. 

Inpatients: 24 hours a day, seven days a week


Inpatients: Ward 2A

Outpatients: Clinic F, Level 1, (take the Pink Lifts)

Neurophysiology Diagnostic services: Clinic G, Level 1 

View the PCH map for more information.

Contact us 

Neurology/neurosurgery outpatients:

  • Mail to Clinic F, Locked Bag 2010, Nedlands 6909

For urgent cases, please call the PCH switchboard on (08) 6456 2222 and ask to speak to the neurology or neurosurgery registrar.

Outpatient EEG and other neurophysiological investigations:

  • Please complete the referral form. Download and save a local copy of the form prior to entering referral information. Please refer to the Neurophysiology section for more information.

Urgent referrals can be discussed with the Chief Neurophysiology Technologist on (08) 6456 4274.

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