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Private Patient Information


Choosing to be a Private Patient

Parents with private health insurance have the choice for their child to be treated as either a public or private patient.

A private patient with appropriate hospital cover has no out-of-pocket expenses for their hospital stay and procedures (e.g. hospital accommodation, prosthetics, pathology, radiology, ICU, theatre fees, pharmaceuticals etc).


Benefits of Being a Private Patient

  • Your child will be treated by or have surgery directed by a Consultant, a specialist doctor. Your Consultant provides medical care at no out-of-pocket expense unless he/she advises you differently. You should discuss the cost directly with your specialist. He/she will be happy to provide this information
  • By using your private health insurance, you are assisting the hospital to maintain facilities, continue to provide better service and buy additional equipment
  • No Gap Payments for hospital care
  • Private patient voucher package



You can contact the Private Patient Liaison Officer via:

Phone (08) 9340 7587 or (08) 9340 7586
Fax (08) 9340 8644

All patients receive top level health care and the same services regardless if they are a public or private patient. However, the extra benefits of choosing your consultant and the free incentives are only available to private patients.




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