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Asthma Liaison Nurse Service

The Asthma Liaison Nurse Service (ALNS) is run by clinical nurses, who specialise in asthma care, management and education.

Asthma Care Resources

Services for Families

  • Provides education on asthma and it's management to children admitted to PMH with asthma and their families.
  • Writes and explains Action Plans for children and their families on how to manage exacerbations of asthma.
  • Maintains contact and follows up children and their families in outpatients clinic to provide further education and support as necessary.
  • Where necessary liaises with schools or childcare centres to discuss appropriate management of a child's asthma while in their care.
  • Where necessary, liaises with other health providers within the hospital or community to assist in meeting the needs of a child with asthma and their family.
  • Is available to telephone for any queries or concerns from families regarding their child's asthma.
  • Maintains a collection of written resources for families wanting information about asthma or any related issues.
  • Liaises with asthma educators from the Asthma Foundation of Western Australia to organise additional follow up education and services to families once discharged from hospital.

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Services for Health Professionals in the Community

  • Gives presentations/updates on paediatric asthma and its management. Teleconferences can be arranged for regional areas.
  • Creates written resources on asthma, including the PMH Asthma Action Plan. These resources are available on this website for health professionals to use and give to clients.
  • Acts as an expert resource on asthma for other health professionals in the wider community
  • Other health professionals can spend time with the asthma nurse in order to learn about asthma care within the hospital and our role.
  • Precepts nursing students.
  • Available for health professionals to phone for support or information regarding issues on asthma.

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Contact Information

Phone (08) 9340 8713
Location Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Roberts Road Subiaco
Western Australia
Page Phone 9340 8222, and ask for the asthma liaison nurse to be paged.
Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9.00 am - 5.00 pm
No weekend or public holiday service.

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As an inpatient at PMH

  • A referral to the Asthma Liaison Nurse can be made by your child’s medical team. The nurse can then see you while your child is in hospital. Often the Asthma Liaison Nurse will continue to see you at your child’s medical follow up appointments in the outpatients department at PMH.

As an outpatient at PMH

  • Children already being seen in the Outpatients Department at PMH can be referred by their specialist to see the Asthma Liaison Nurse (if the specialist feels it is needed).

Non-PMH patients

  • For children who are not seen at PMH’s Outpatients Department, a written referral from your GP needs to be sent to PMH requesting an appointment with one of the general or respiratory paediatricians to have your child’s asthma reviewed. Once your child has been seen in the outpatients clinic, your paediatrician may refer you to the Asthma Liaison Nurse, who will then come to see you in clinic.

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