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About Us

Three Clown Doctors are on "clown rounds" four days a week at Princess Margaret Hospital and have been dosing their patients with fun and laughter since 2000. Clown Doctors visit most major children's hospitals around Australia and visit all the wards including emergency and intensive care.

Clown Doctors are skilled in entertainment and have special talents such as magic, mime, music or puppetry. Clown Doctors are specially selected and all are very good at improvisation.

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What We Offer

Clown Doctors make fun out of the hospital routine, wear doctor's white coats decorated with colourful pockets which have lots of gadgets and tricks with which to engage the child.

Clown Doctors also try to help the child forget they are sick if only for a moment. Clown Doctors visit the patients in their beds and improvise and play with the child around their particular situation or interest. Children can join in if they wish or just watch.

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Contact Us

photo of clown doctor

If a patient in Princess Margaret Hospital is in need of urgent humour delivery, please contact the Clown doctors on 9340 7828 or 9340 8222 and ask for pager 2127.

Alternatively, please contact The Humour Foundation by their email on info@humourfoundation.com.au or by their website www.humourfoundation.com.au or by telephone on (02) 8978 4500.

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