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The Physiotherapy Department at Princess Margaret Hospital provides comprehensive best practice physiotherapy for children who have been referred to our inpatient or outpatient services. We see inpatient children  from birth to 16 years of age. We provide a small, specialised physiotherapy service for children who require complex, tertiary intervention in the outpatient setting, and we provide a consultative service to primary care providers in rural and community areas.


Physiotherapists are often referred to as movement specialists. They are university-trained to assess and manage a variety of conditions which affect physical function of children. The physiotherapists who work at Princess Margaret Hospital have the experience and skills required to manage neonates, infants, children and adolescents (young people). Many of our staff hold additional post graduate qualifications which make them experts in paediatric (children’s) physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapists work with families, carers, teachers, doctors and other health professionals to ensure a comprehensive and holistic evidence-based service.

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Our range of services

What do the physiotherapists at Princess Margaret Hospital provide?

1. Assessment and physiotherapy management of a variety of childhood onset conditions

Children are referred for physiotherapy at Princess Margaret Hospital for a variety of reasons. The referrals come to PMH only when the needs of the child are complex and require services from at a tertiary level hospital, that is to say,when the physiotherapy cannot be provided close to the child’s home. Physiotherapists will assess the baby, child or adolescent and develop an   individualised treatment program to suit their needs and will then monitor and progress the program as the child changes.

We provide assessment and management for

  • Babies, children and adolescents whose movement is affected by changes to the growth or function of their brain, spinal cord or nerves and who require the specialist services of a tertiary hospital and / or who have additional health problems.
  • Muscle, bone, joint and movement problems present at birth or following injuries. This includes fractures, arthritic conditions, growth abnormalities and amputations.
  • Burns and hand injuries
  • Lung conditions and breathing problems. These may be chronic conditions, for example cystic fibrosis and other long term respiratory conditions,or acute conditions such as those experienced by children in the intensive care unit.
  • Urological and continence problems such as weeing accidents, soiling and constipation
  • Obesity, endocrine and eating disorders
  • Cancer and  blood conditions
  • Arthritis and associated conditions
  • Chronic pain

A very small part of our service is dedicated to managing the immediate obstetric conditions of mothers who are admitted to PMH with their newborn baby.

2. Patient/parent education

Our physiotherapists help the child and family to understand the diagnosis or problem. They work with the child, parents and care givers to develop their skills to enable management to be part of everyday life. We aim to teach the family and carers to be the best facilitators of their own child’s development.

3. Consultation service to community and rural physiotherapists, medical practitioners and the general public.

Our physiotherapists work in conjunction with other professionals within the hospital,  with the child’s local physiotherapist(s), other  community health professionals and / or education staff to ensure a smooth transition from hospital care to home, community and school. In addition, we offer teaching and advice to local community physiotherapists, medical practitioners and the general public. Please contact the Physiotherapy Department should you wish to enquire about teaching services.

4. Provision of formal teaching, training and education to undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapists through Curtin University of Technology, University of Notre Dame and other national and international universities.

The specialised knowledge and skills of our physiotherapists working in paediatrics are shared with hundreds of students each year. Please contact the Physiotherapy Department should you wish to enquire about teaching services.

5. Original and collaborative research activities.

The Physiotherapy Department has a strong research culture of promoting and encouraging clinical research, of providing international best practice and clinical leadership. Physiotherapists at Princess Margaret Hospital are involved in clinical research with a focus on managing the range of conditions seen in children as well as the most efficient way of delivering physiotherapy services.  The Physiotherapy Department at Princess Margaret Hospital is proud of the multinational and international research collaborations that are currently underway in the department, such as our projects to determine the best physiotherapy management for children with cerebral palsy, chronic pain, cancer, chronic lung disease, continence problems and obesity.

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How to make an appointment

Referrals for physiotherapy at Princess Margaret Hospital can only be made by doctors at Princess Margaret Hospital (Consultants, Registrars and Residents) and by a small group of preselected external consultants who have approved referral rights to the Hospital. Your doctor will know if they have approved referral rights to Princess Margaret Hospital. The doctor usually informs the Physiotherapy Department of the referral in writing. The response from the Physiotherapy Department for an inpatient referral occurs within the same working day, and the response for an outpatient appointment is made within 10 days. Please telephone the Physiotherapy Department on 9340 8503 if you know a referral has been made for an outpatient appointment and you do not hear from us within two weeks.

Unable to attend an appointment....

We understand that sometimes you will need to change or cancel your appointment. To cancel or change an appointment, please telephone the Physiotherapy Department on (08) 9340 8503.

When you let us know you are unable to attend an appointment, we can use that appointment time to help another family.

The Physiotherapy Department has a non-attendance policy to allow us to provide the best care for the greatest number of West Australian families. Multiple non attendances without letting us know may result in a child requiring a new referral to our service.

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