Mental health

When a young person experiences difficulties associated with their mental health, we want to make sure that they are assessed and have a plan of care within certain timeframes to reduce any further distress to the client or their family.

Community Mental Health assessments

We assess how long it takes our clients to receive an appointment with Community CAMHS, to ensure that they are assessed and treated in a timely way.   

Receiving an
appointment with CAMHS 
CAMHS: December 2023
Target: 28 days Result: 105 days


Presenting to the Emergency Department

When a child or young person presents to our PCH Emergency Department (ED), we monitor the length of time it takes for them to be assessed and a plan of care developed for them. This might include admission to the hospital or discharge from the ED with ongoing support and follow up with CAMHS.  The time any patient spends in the ED being treated and tested can be longer than four hours if the ED is very busy.  

The ideal or ‘gold standard’ length of time for this is four hours. Our target is 90% of presentations.

Length of stay in ED
for patients presenting with a
mental health issue (less than four hours)
PCH/CAMHS: March 2024
Target: 90% Result: 34.8%
Last Updated: 16/05/2024