Preventing infections

We are committed to the prevention of infections in our patients.

Hand hygiene

Clean hands are key to preventing infections in the hospital.

There are five key steps to hand hygiene that staff must carry out when looking after patients. This can be by either washing hands or rubbing hands with alcohol-based liquid. We encourage our patients and clients to ask our staff to wash their hands.  

The 'five moments’ of hand hygiene

There are five important times when hand hygiene needs to be done. At CAHS, along with other health services in Australia, we assess how well we do with these five moments.

Five moments of hand hygiene diagram


A target of 80% is set for hand hygiene – this is the minimum amount we need to clean our hands to prevent infection.


Five moments of hand hygiene PCH: April 2024
Target: 80% Result: 82%
Last Updated: 16/05/2024