Aboriginal Mental Health

Kaya little people, young people and families

The Statewide Specialised Aboriginal Mental Health team helps care for Aboriginal young people aged 0 to 18 years old who have mental health issues. 

They work with the Mental Health care team of nurses, social workers and doctors on mental health treatment and planning for young Aboriginal people across Western Australia. 

We understand that spirit and culture is essential as part of helping young people and their family heal.

The team also help with:

  • Getting to appointments with the Mental Health team – transport and other assistance for patients and families
  • Finding other services to help Aboriginal young people
  • Talking with families and giving them the tools they need to help themselves and their young people

The team are here to support the mental health journeys of young people in a way that is right for them, and their culture.

The team 

The Statewide Aboriginal Mental Health team use a ‘whole of family, whole of life’ approach to mental health to meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. 

They aim to help young people find their “Moorditj” – strengths – and this means having a strong spirit. 


There are Statewide Specialist Aboriginal Mental Health Service staff based at these Community CAMHS sites:

If you are going to another Community CAMHS clinic, we can have someone come to meet you at your appointment.

Last Updated: 17/01/2023