You Said, We Did

At the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS), we encourage and value your feedback.

When we hear from you about how we can improve, we will endeavour to share the actions we have taken.

Below is a sample of your feedback and the improvements we have made, or are in the process of making, in response.

Perth Children's Hospital

 "There is not enough food variety or options for patients with specific needs (cultural, sensory, neurodiverse)."

A 'Meals' on Demand' project is underway, reviewing the way that food is ordered at PCH to provide more flexibility to patients around when they eat. The menu is also being overhauled and consumer input has been invited to help shape the new menu.

 "PCH wards and CAHS more broadly, has not been supportive of neurodiverse patients. The physical spaces are not appropriate, and staff are not always trained in how to work with neurodiverse children and young people."

CAHS has formed a working group to lead the creation of integrated and innovative services specifically tailored for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

This initiative will include a review of all physical spaces across CAHS.

 "The sleep clinic is very sterile and unwelcoming."

Floor to ceiling wall art, with soothing nature images, has been installed in each sleep clinic room to create a more peaceful, comfortable atmosphere.

A group of CAHS staff stand in front of one of the Australiana-themed murals installed in the PCH Sleep Disorders Unit, in response to consumer feedback the rooms were cold and uninviting


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

"It would be good to have access to a water fountain whilst waiting for appointments at Rockingham CAMHS."

CAHS provided a new water station in the waiting room for visitors.

 "There is too much visual ‘noise’ in the waiting room - it's too busy and there are too many posters everywhere."

Excess posters have been removed and a calmer space created in the waiting area at Warwick CAMHS.

"More activities whilst waiting for appointments would be beneficial for clients and families at Hillarys CAMHS."

We have provided colouring-in materials for all ages for relaxation in the waiting room.

 "More information and clarity is needed on what Community CAMHS does and who they see."

A Community CAMHS information booklet has been development, explaining the services provided by Community CAMHS, with the input of carers and young people.

 "An accessible bathroom facility is needed on-site at Pathways for young people, families and staff."

An accessible bathroom facility has been built and opened for use at Pathways in 2024.

 "More activities outside of school time on Ward 5A would be beneficial for young people."

We increased the schedule of activities outside of school hours, including Art Jam and Music Therapy now running weekly. Dance Therapy is also being explored. 

 "The furniture in the Family Lounge on Ward 5A is uncomfortable and not age appropriate."

New, more comfortable, and fit for purpose furniture for the Family Lounge has been purchased, in consultation with the PCH Carer Peer Worker.


Child and Adolescent Community Health

"It would be good to have changes to the Purple Book including making it easier to find information on your babies' health and development, having space to write appointment notes, and better acknowledgement of Aboriginal culture." 

With input from parents, Child Health Nurses and other clinicians, we made changes to the Purple Book including development of a checklist where parents can date key milestones, inclusion of acknowledgement to country, and Aboriginal artwork and design, reordering of contents with more information on each of your child’s checks and lots of space to write results, and links between the Purple Book and our Magazine series.

"Let’s Sleep groups are only available south of the river or online. It would be good to have a Let’s Sleep group run north of the river."

New Let’s Sleep groups scheduled for north of the river in Perth two months after feedback provided. 

 "You were not informed that an urgent medication script was available for collection, resulting in a lack of access to medication, which negatively impacted your child's wellbeing."

The Child Development Service has now moved to e-prescribing where electronic scripts are sent directly to a parent’s phone.

Meeting face-to-face for Mothers’ Group, rather than online, was important for a new mum's mental health as it connects mums to new people in a safe environment who can share their experiences.  

Face-to-face Mothers’ Groups are available across Perth, and there is an increased number of Mothers’ Groups scheduled for 2024.


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Last Updated: 08/05/2024