The Perron Rotary Express Milk (PREM) Bank

The Perron Rotary Express Milk (PREM) Bank helps preterm babies and mothers by collecting breast milk from health screened donors, processing it to ensure safety, and making it available to babies in need.

This is the preferred alternative (if the mother’s milk is not available) to formula when feeding preterm babies.

Mothers with an oversupply of breast milk may want to consider donating their excess breast milk to our human milk bank.

Before accepting milk from donors, we ensure that they are healthy by screening them through a health questionnaire and undertaking a blood test. 

The PREM Bank welcomes all enquiries from women who are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed in the future.

Not all breastfeeding mothers can be donors, so before contacting us please read our frequently asked questions and complete the Donor Screening Assessment.

Last Updated: 20/02/2023