COVID-19 can affect everyone in our community, including children.

Vaccination can prevent children from getting seriously ill and will make them less likely to transmit the virus to other family and community members.

Who can get vaccinated?

Children under 12 years old: Not currently eligible for vaccination

Children over 12 years old: Eligible for the Pfizer vaccination

This may be subject to change.

How do I get my child vaccinated?

Appointments for vaccination are made on the VaccinateWA website or by calling 13 COVID (13 268 43) at these locations:

  • Metropolitan vaccination community clinic
  • Regional vaccination clinic
  • Participating GPs
  • GP respiratory clinics
  • Pharmacies
  • Aboriginal Medical Services.

If you're visiting Perth Children's Hospital for an appointment or stay, your child can be vaccinated at Stan Perron Immunisation Centre. This include inpatients and outpatients and their siblings.

Frequently asked questions

Healthy WA has a range of frequently asked questions around the vaccination roll out, getting the vaccine and its safety and efficacy.

Last Updated: 18/11/2021