Past seminars

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All seminars are recorded and made available online a week after the live seminar. 

If you would like to view upcoming seminars, or view our full seminar schedule, visit our Research Skills Seminar Series page.

The aim of the 20+ seminars produced by the CAHS Research Education Program is for each to provide a one hour overview of a large topic representing a part of the research process.  Seminars are designed to be practical, and suitable for staff and students of any clinical discipline.  The one hour format is specifically to assist busy clinical staff to access condensed information.  Because of this, in addition to the recording, accompanying handouts contain not just the PowerPoint slides, but also extra information and resources such as useful websites, readings, references, and further training opportunities where available.

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Seminar topic  2020 delivery date Upload date Currently available update
Building your brand as a researcher 27 March 27 March  
Research fundamentals 14 February 27 February  
Research governance 21 February 27 February  
Introduction to GCP  6 March  13 March  
Scientific writing 13 March  20 March 10 May 
Building your personal brand 27 March 3 April *New topic* 
Using REDCap 3 April 9 April Unavailable
Survey design and techniques 1 May 8 May 12 April
Introduction to adaptive trials 15 May 22 May *New topic*
Knowledge transition 22 May 5 June 8 March
Introduction to biostatistics 5 June 12 June 7 June 
Sample size calculations 12 June 19 June 16 August
Consumer and community involvement  26 June  3 July 3 May 
Data collection and management 31 July 7 August 21 June
Oral presentation 14 August 20 August 30 August
Media and communications  28 August  4 September 28 June
Conducting systematic reviews 11 September 18 September 6 September
Involving Aboriginal people in research 18 September 24 September 2 August
Critical appraisal 16 October 23 October 20 September
Statistical tips 23 October 30 October 18 October
Grant applications 13 November 20 November 1 November
Qualitative research 27 November 4 December 15 November
Ethics processes  4 December 11 December 22 November
Making clinical research ethical by design N/A N/A 5 April
Getting the most of research supervision N/A  N/A  24 May

Last Updated: 27/03/2020