Program details


Children can be referred for a discipline-specific or a multidisciplinary assessment.

The assessment may include: 

  • psychiatry
  • speech therapy
  • psychology
  • occupational therapy
  • education
  • family functioning

Assessment may be completed while a child is attending the recovery day program.

Recovery day program

The recovery day program provides intensive multidisciplinary therapeutic intervention to children. For up to two and a half days a week, children access a range of evidence-based individual and group mental health treatments.

Children may be supported with their:

  • Social communication
  • Regulation of emotions and behaviour
  • Creative expression
  • Coping and stress management
  • Movement and physical activity

Primary school teachers also provide mental health-specific educational support and intervention.

Family based interventions

Education support

  • Liaison with home school
  • Playground/classroom observations
  • Academic assessment from a developmental and mental health point of view


For some children an outreach treatment approach can be offered. This can include:

  • Consultation from Pathways to children’s home and schools
  • Specific therapeutic groups
  • Specific individual therapies
  • Family therapy
  • TCI-F parenting program
  • Liaison with other agencies as required
Last Updated: 17/01/2023