Nursing Research

Departmental Overview

Our nursing research team lead projects focused on improving the experience and outcomes for children and their families in hospital and community health care.

Our research springs from four main streams, examples of ongoing studies are shown below. We also offer opportunities for new researchers to be involved including opportunities to pursue higher degree research.

Stress Research 

Contact: Prof Evalotte Mörelius

  • Parents’ stress when the child is sick 
  • Parents’ sleep when the child is sick

Acute Care

Contact: A/Prof Fenella Gill

  • Escalation: Implementing the ESCALATION systems for recognising and responding to paediatric clinical deterioration
    • involving the family including vulnerable groups: families with low English proficiency, low health literacy, Aboriginal people
    • recognising sepsis
    • education and training
    • situational awareness
    • communicating for patient safety
    • measuring system performance.
  • Paediatric palliative care
  • Implementing evidence into practice

Community Health

Contact: Dr Ailsa Munns

  • Integrated service hubs for families in the community: specific projects to be developed as needed
  • School aged psychosocial assessment tools: trials for students transitioning to secondary schools in metropolitan and rural settings
  • Community health workforce development: transition of nurses working in acute care to community primary health care settings: transition of nurses working in acute care to community primary health care settings

Neonatal Care

Contact: Laurene Aydon

  • Identifying modifiable risk factors for neonatal hypoglycaemia on the postnatal wards
  • Evaluating the admission process from the birthing suite to the NICU

Patient and Family Evaluations

Contact: Dr Helen Nelson 

  • A parent-reported version of the Australian Hospital Patient Experience Question Set (AHPEQS-Parent) 
  • Needs of Children’s Questionnaire (NCQ)

Team Projects

  • Paediatric nursing research priority setting

Last Updated: 23/11/2021