The WA Department of Health now preferentially supports REDCap use and many health service providers are switching to REDCap as the database of choice for safely entering, storing and reporting on data.

The Research Education Program (REP) collaborates with the Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) to provide workshops and educational material to advance your understanding and provide an overview of the many capabilities of REDCap.

Only staff working within the Perth Children's Hospital campus are able to access the workshops. For a detailed schedule and to register visit the REDCap HealthPoint page (WA Health staff only). 

REDCap workshop schedule for 2021

 REDCap training topic Day Date  Registration Link
Creating Surveys Wednesday 18 August, 2021  Click here
Basic Walk-through Tuesday 23 November, 2021  Click here

Recorded seminars and workshops

Promotional image for CAHS Research Education Program Research Skills Seminar, Using REDCap for Data Capture & Management, presented by Telethon Kids Institute, on 7th May 2021at Perth Children’s Hospital. 

Using REDCap for Data Capture and Management

The Department of Health WA now preferentially supports REDCap use and many health service providers are switching to REDCap as the database of choice for safely entering, storing and reporting on data. This presentation covers how to access REDCap, basic REDCap functionality, and where to go for further assistance and resources and is presented by staff from The Telethon Kids Institute Biometrics team, which provides access to REDCap for all Telethon Kids, Child and Adolescent Health Services (CAHS), and Perth Children’s Hospital based researchers.


REDCap Basics Workshop 

This workshop offers an introduction to the basic concepts of building a database in REDCap and is most useful to anyone building a new project, or those tasked with managing or maintaining an existing database.


REDCap Intermediate Workshop

This workshop offers a comprehensive look at creating a database and using surveys, and builds upon contents from the REDCap Basics Workshop providing an overview of the advanced functionality that REDCap offers. It is recommended that readers be familiar with navigating and using REDCap for project set-up for best use of this resource.

 Promotional image for REDCap Basics Walkthrough workshop presented by CAHS Research Education Program

REDCap Basic Walkthrough

A stepwise guided walkthrough of REDCap, from logging in to building your first project. This session is directed towards new or novice users of REDCap. The objective is to build familiarity with the layout and processes involved in setting up a new project.

 Promotional image for REDCap Creating Surveys workshop presented by CAHS Research Education Program

REDCap Creating Surveys

This walkthrough will explore REDCap surveys, including their design, set-up and distribution. It is targeted at those familiar with REDCap basics (logging in and setting up a project).

Support for the Telethon Kids Institute instance of REDCap

REDCap is a self-use system and email-support is not available for users of the TKI instance, unless your query relates to either:

  1. An account/permission related issue
  2. A request to engage in consultation

There are substantial resources online to help researchers troubleshoot issues and/or upskill in REDCap. 

These include:

  • a number of video tutorials within the application to provide additional insight into its functionality (located on the top menu bar of the REDCap home page or on the left hand menu under ‘Help and Information’ )
  • the REDCap Help & FAQ page (Under ‘Help and Information’ at the bottom of the left hand menu).

Limited Data Management support is available to researchers through the Telethon Clinical Research Centre (TCRC) who facilitate limited short (30 or 60 minutes) bookable consultations, Monday and Wednesday mornings (9-12pm), where you can discuss your study design and set-up in REDCap with an experienced Data Manager.

In order to access this, please register your study with the TCRC via the enquiry form (if you have not already done so) then you can book a consultation

Support for the WA Health instance of REDCap

The Department of Health WA also provide access for researchers and clinicians to their own instance of REDCap. To set up an account or to find out more visit the Department of Health Hub Support Page for REDCap.  The support page includes links to other documents such as a “How To” guide and “Project Migration” guide. 

Some useful links include: 

Facilitated by the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) Ethics and Governance Office

Ever had a question related to the review and approval of your research project? Bring your questions and leave with a better understanding of the review process and how to approach it.

Some issues covered include:
  • How do I access the Research Governance Service (RGS) System?
  • Who reviews the application?
  • What is the difference between governance and ethics review?
  • How does the National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) work?
  • Why do I need separate approvals?
  • What documents do I submit? Which documents do I need? Who do I submit them to?
  • Who cares about the footers?
  • What is version control?
  • What if I don’t have a budget?
  • Who needs to sign off on my application and why do I need signatures?
  • Where do I start and when will it end?
  • Is this really all relevant to my project?
  • What is Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and why do they keep asking me about it?
  • What if I am not part of WA Health?
  • Why have they asked me questions?

Facilitated by the PCH Research Coordinator, Department of Child Health Research

These sessions provide an overview of the PCH Foundation Research Grant structure, in addition to:
  • do's and don't's
  • what the reviewers are looking for
  • advice for success

Additional resources

For more information on Grants, visit the PCH Research website.

Facilitated by the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) Ethics and Governance Office, Department of Child Health Research

This question and answer forum with staff from the CAHS Research Ethics Office is part of an initiative to develop a deeper understanding of the research ethics review process and good clinical practice requirements.

The forum is interactive, and encourages exchanging ideas and information about the principles of the GCP and how they are applied to the everyday conduct of research, with particular reference to children.

Training resources

We recommend use of the GCP training resources at the following sites:
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